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Miscarriage Resources

The Elizabeth Ministry is a national Catholic organization that serves women in all stages of fertility, including miscarriage.  Their website provides information and support for those who've lost a child in this way.

Miscarriage at any stage is devestating.  Providing a proper burial for your child is a good way to honor his or her life and can be very healing.  The following website offers caskets specifically designed for miscarried babies at any stage of gestation. 

Some women find it helpful to write a letter to their baby (or babies) as a way to connect with them.  Following is a blooger who posted such a letter to her blog.  
House Unseen

Following is a link to the Miscarriage Awareness Website for the Diocese of Saskatoon.  They have some great ideas for ceremonies to honor your child as well as other resources and stories of other families who've suffered similar losses.
Miscarriage Awareness Website for the Diocese of Saskatoon

On the two year anniversary of her son's birth and death, the sister of a founding member of Hannah's Heart posted this:
  Two years ago, I had the tremendous blessing of sharing my body with   another soul for 14 special weeks. Our son, Jude, joined the saints and angels in heaven where I know he sits now in prayer for our family—our personal intercessor. Tomorrow, we are making our annual trip to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit where we laid him to rest. To my sisters in Christ whose hearts know the pain of a baby gone too soon, I will offer prayers for you on the holy ground of Honey Creek Woodlands. 
Here is a link to her story.  Her heartfelt words and beautiful pictures of her precious child are truly inspiring.

Jude's Story