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Medical Resources

Local Fertility Care Practitoners:

The first step to take if you're interested in NaProTECHNOLOGY is to learn the Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning.  The way to do this is by working with a Fertility Care Pracitoner.  A practitoner will work with you over several cycles to help you lean the ins and outs of charting.  Creighton is an easy method to learn and a trained practitoner or medical consultant can recognize many problems in a woman's cycle just by reviewing her chart.  We are fortunate to have several really wonderful Fertility Care Practitoners in our area!

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Amy Karney   
  Orange Park, FL
  (904) 536-6618

Kelly Trumble
  Jacksonville, FL
  (904) 505-0245

Heather Palmer
  Jacksonville, FL
904) 610-6725

Diane Smith  
  Switzerland, FL
  c-(904) 657-7332 or h-(904) 287-5253

Local Family Practice Doctors Familiar with NaPro:

The next step in NaProTechnology is to seek the help of a trained NaPro doctor. 

Dr. Robert Raspa   
  St. Vincent’s
Family Medical Center
2627 Riverside Ave
  Jacksonville, FL 
(904) 308-8308

Dr. Peter Jansen
  Dopson Family Medical Center
  159 North 3rd Street
  Macclenny, FL  32063
  (904) 259-7815

 Dr. Jim Higgins
  Family Medicine Department at Naval Hospital Jacksonville
  2080 Child St.
  NAS Jacksonville, FL  32214 
  (904) 524-7963
  (Unfortunately, Dr. Higgins is only accessible to military families.)

Dr. Debra Gramlich
 St. Gianna's Center for Women's Health and Fertility Care
  1213 16th St. North
  St. Petersburg, FL  33705
  (727) 798-2340

Long Distance Medical and Surgical NaPro Options:

While there are many excellent Family Practice NaPro doctors in the Sunshine State, there are not yet any NaPro Ob-Gyns.  Because surgery is such an integral part of most every diagnostic and treatment plan in NaPro Technology and because NaPro surgery differs greatly from other types of gynecological surgery, finding a qualified NaPro-trained surgeon is very important.  The following centers are staffed with world renowned NaPro surgeons who commonly work with out-of-state patients.  You can see them only for surgery or work with them on an ongoing basis for both your medical and surgical needs.

(402) 390-6600

(212) 481-1219

Holy Spirit Hospital's Center for Women's Health
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 763-9880