Hannah's Heart
Catholic Infertility
Support Group
Jacksonville, FL

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General Information

Hannah’s Heart, an official ministry of the Dioceses of St. Augustine, Florida, is a Catholic support group offering emotional and spiritual support, friendship, and education about Church teaching and options for treatment to women (and their families) suffering from infertility and miscarriage.  While most of our members are of the Catholic faith, we are happy to welcome non-Catholic members who are pursuing treatment in line with the teachings of the Church.


Infertility is a tough cross to carry and many women feel very isolated and are completely without support in this area.  Infertility is often something we are unwilling or unable to share with others (especially those with normal fertility).  As women, especially Catholic women, bringing new life into this world is at the very core of who we are.  Not being able to do so is very painful.  And, unfortunately, while infertility certainly affects men, it affects them very differently than it does women.  No matter how caring and supportive her husband is, many women suffering from infertility feel very alone. 

Having other women with whom to share this difficult road is so helpful.  In addition to emotional and spiritual support, the group offers practical support as well.  As you may know, trying to find medical care in line with the teachings of the Church is a particular challenge for us as Catholics struggling with infertility.  This group is a wealth of knowledge about Church teaching and different options for treatment.  we are all at different points in our journey and
 have chosen slightly different paths for treatment, all in line with our shared beliefs.


If God has chosen you to bear the cross of infertility and/or miscarriage, we hope you will join us for our next meeting.  The cross is heavy, but you do not have to carry it alone.