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Church Teaching

In a world full of so many choices and ethical dilemmas, we are so fortunate to have the guidance of Christ Himself, as passed on through His Church!  As Catholics, we believe that the Church holds the fullness of truth.  We can find comfort in the fact that, while we may not like what she teaches, she always teaches the truth.  Believing this is what makes us Catholic.


The Catholic Church’s teachings on the treatment of infertility may seem restrictive and frustrating at first, especially when mainstream medicine has told you that the only way you will every have the child you so desperately long for is by using artificial reproductive technologies, such as IUI and IVF.  However, after taking time to really examine the issue, the true beauty and wisdom of the Church shines through. 


The Church, while it does object to many mainstream treatments for infertility, ultimately has the best interests of both the couple and child at heart.  While it is extremely difficult for a couple struggling in this way to hear, the Church teaches that having a child is not a right, to be pursued at all costs, but a gift.  A gift that is given by God, at the time He has chosen in accord with His perfect will.  The Church also teaches that every child has a right to be conceived in the loving embrace of husband and wife.  Just as no child deserves to be conceived between a man and a woman who do not love and are not committed to one another, no child deserves to be conceived in a laboratory.  Fortunately, God, in His infinite wisdom, has provided a better option for the treatment of infertility and miscarriage than those offered by mainstream fertility doctors.


There is great hope for not only achieving and carrying a pregnancy to term, but also for healing of the diseases that have brought us here in the first place.  This approach to women’s health is called Natural Procreative Technology, or NaProTECHNOLOGY.  Please see the NaProTECHNOLOGY and Medical Resources pages of this site for more information on treating your fertility in a way that upholds the dignity of life and of marriage.